Seeker – A seeker is a person who is coming to our open gatherings, learning about us and our ways but has not yet committed to becoming an official member of the tradition by way of a dedication ceremony or as an initiate into the clergy. We welcome seekers of all backgrounds who are good guests and not disruptive. We are a participatory tradition. Advancement is only obtained by attending gatherings and being a part of rituals, workings and other group experiences. We do not offer online training although we are happy to suggest reading materials and exercises one might try out for themselves.

Dedicant (blue cord) – A Dedicant is a person who desires the spiritual gatherings of rituals and community of like minded folks but who does not have a desire to enter the clergy training program. Such a person may choose to officially dedicate to the gods and the tradition so that they may continue to participate as members of the laity. We are working on a set of devotional materials for those who have chosen to be dedicants of our tradition.

Initiate (purple cord) – One who has officially initiated into the clergy through one of the member groups by way of our initiation ritual and joined our clergy training program. Initiated  members may attend all rituals and have voting rights in certain policy and event planning decisions. Final authority still remains with the leadership of the group and tradition but we generally like to poll our membership for input before making decisions which affect all members. Initiated members have access to the clergy training program and may advance through the degrees to eventually become a High Priest or High Priestess if they so desire.

First Degree (white cord), Second Degree (black cord), Third Degree (red cord) – These are the cord colors worn by those who have attained the designated degree within our clergy training program.

Blue and Purple cords are often referred to as Bling cords.  Bling cords are the cords on which Dedicants and Initiates place the small charm they are given from attending our various Sabbats and/or rituals.

Spirit of the Sycamore's policy is that a seeker must spent a MINIMUM of 3 months attending functions before becoming a Dedicant.  Then another 3 month minimum as a Dedicant before deciding if they would like become an Initiate.  It is in the persons best interest to speak to one groups clergy members, especially the High Priestess or High Priest, about what is expected on these paths.