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Editor's Desk - By Cianaodh Óg

Hail and Merry Meet my spiritual family! I wanted to take a moment and speak with everyone about some things going on with Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition recently so that hopefully everyone is understanding the whys, whats and hows in our recent pull back in public activity. This past month one of our tradition elders had severe abdominal pains and had to go see a doctor for analysis. I won't divulge the details of the findings here on this public posting but it was distressing news and there are more visits and possible surgery in the near future. As if this weren't enough one of our second degree priestesses who has been very active and instrumental in growing this tradition has also recently found out that she too has a medical condition which is going to require treatment and possible surgery in the future but it's too early to tell. Again, I won't go into details for the sake of privacy but this has hit our spiritual family pretty hard and close to home. So, for awhile at least, Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition will be holding fewer open events and circles as we focus on the health and needs of our inner circle. Please be patient and understanding as we make our way through these times and lend any energies you may have to spare towards the healing of our members as well as all of those in our extended tribe. We will return to a more open presence in the community eventually but for now our sisters and brothers need rest and healing. We've also found out that May and June are very busy months for anniversaries, graduation ceremonies and birthdays among our folks so these family events also reduce our time available to put towards public events. But these are happy events and we enjoy them. :-)

Another topic which I really loathe discussing but sometimes you just have to is one of finances. From the very beginning none of the founding members has ever seen Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition as a means by which to enrich ourselves financially but as a way we may all enrich ourselves spiritually. We do not charge admission for any of our events but we do have a donation jar available. We do have a chip in button on our MeetUp groups and our websites because, quite frankly, putting on public rituals and events does cost not only time but money. There are candles, incense, printing costs, take away gifts, sometimes rental fees and other associated costs involved in these endeavors. We do ask that our initiated clergy members chip in $10 per month but honestly it has been hit and miss on that and most of the time the clergy has pitched in out of their own pockets to provide for the items we need as each event comes around. But it's been putting a toll on our members and that's catching up with us. Especially when unexpected medical bills get thrown in to the mix. So, if you are at all able to help us in any way, even with a few dollars, please chip something in to the donation jar the next time you're around at one of our open events or utilize the links provided at the bottom of this and every newsletter. If everyone would help a little it would make a lot of difference and think of the good energies you are putting in to your own circle of influence by helping others.

Anyway, like I said, I don't much like talking about money matters or passing the hat around but unfortunately, if the money isn't there to get things done, well, things just don't get done.

Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition at Pagan Unity Fest
Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition - Information Table at Pagan Unity Fest

Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition was present and accounted for this past May 21st for the second annual DFW Pagan Unity Fest with our very own tradition elder Tish a.k.a. Arachne Crowsinger assisting with parking coordination as vendors and volunteers were unloading and setting up. Several of us SOSsers were on hand at the information table chatting it up and meeting folks from around the community as we handed out cards, trifolds and little bits of "bling" for people to take home including some marvelous infused candles made by Temple Of the Standing Stones acting High Priestess Wahya.

Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition - Closing Ritual at Pagan Unity Fest
Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition - Closing Ritual at Pagan Unity Fest

Later that day we officiated a short and sweet closing ritual in which we gave thanks and made offerings to the spirits of the lands, gods and goddesses and other kindred of the folks who gathered with us. We joked around about the fact that we were there ready to do ritual on time while many others were running on "Pagan Standard Time" as the raffle was running a bit late holding a few folks up. But it was all in good fun. We love Becca Shugart and her volunteers who work tirelessly to bring us this fun filled festival and opportunity to feel the vibe of the DFW Pagan Community Tribe. :-)

The top ring of our maypole!
The top ring of our maypole!

Earlier in the month of May we did end up having to postpone our Beltane camp out by a week due to the near constant rain we've had in the forecast here in Texas for the past few months. We did, however, manage to have a ritual and swimming pool party on the weekend of Beltane with some of our folks which was great fun! Thank you to our sister Cat of Mystic Willow Coven for hosting that for us. It was a delightful day for us all. Although the camping on the weekend of May 6th and 7th wasn't quite as well attended as we had hoped for if we had been able to stay with our original plans we still had a decent turn out and a good time was had by those who were able to join us. We did indeed dance the may pole and pictured above is the topper of our pole with an assortment of many ribbons from this and past Beltane events.

Prayer & Blessing Requests

We receive many requests throughout each month for prayers and blessings as members of our tribe and extended spiritual family struggle through the challenges of life as well as share in their triumphs and new journeys on their paths. Here, we ask that you add a candle to your altar or otherwise send energies to the following people who have requested prayers and blessings:

Cianaodh, an elder of Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition and HP of Temple Of the Standing Stones shares:

I would like to once again ask for prayers and healing energies for our sisters and brothers of this tribe and those whose lives touch ours and are in need. We are especially hit close to home by two of our most prolifically active priestesses within our tradition undergoing treatments for serious medical conditions in the past month and continuing still. I hereby make my obeisance before all the gods on your behalves.


TOSS = Temple Of the Standing Stones hosted events
MWC = Mystic Willow Coven hosted events
SOS = Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition events

TOSS - Clergy Day - Saturday, June 4th

Temple Of the Standing Stones clergy takes the weekend nearest the New Moon off to spend time with their families and friends beyond their spiritual family as we see these bonds as very important to our growth on our path and we seek to maintain these connections.

MWC - Meet & Greet - Sunday, June 5th at 3pm

This is a chance to meet with clergy members to get approval to attend our regularly scheduled moon gatherings.

Panera Bread - 1804 Precinct Line Rd. Hurst, TX.

See event on Meetup - http://meetu.ps/e/BFGxD/tblJt/d

MWC - Pre-Midsummer Meeting - Members only - no new people! - Sunday, June 12th at 2:30pm

We will have cakes and ale sampling. Discussion of dates for upcoming meetings. And whatever else, your HPS manages to remember

Cat's House address to be given via private message., Watauga, TX

See event on Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/Mystic-Willow-Coven/events/231536768/

SOS - COG Litha Ritual - Saturday, June 18th at 5:00pm

Come join Spirit of the Sycamore Tradition as we host the Midsummer Ritual for Texas Covenant of the Goddess.
Members from both Mystic Willow and Temple of the Standing Stones will be there to put on this ritual and it's a great chance to meet everyone!

Ccds Center For Change
7525 John T White Road, Fort Worth, TX

See event on Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/Mystic-Willow-Coven/events/229041393/

SOS - Healing Circle - Saturday, June 18th at 8:00pm

Members of Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition and the community who would like to join us for a healing circle to raise energies for members of our tradition who are currently in battle with medical conditions as well as others in need. Please lend your energies to this endeavor if you will.

Location Yet To Be Determined. Possibly a park in the Arlington, area or maybe at C.C.D.S. following Litha. Location will be sent to attendees by private message.

See event on Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/Temple-Of-the-Standing-Stones/events/231605590/

MWC - Full Moon Ritual - Sunday, June 19th at 4:00pm

Getting together for a Full Moon Ritual. Must have prior approval from the HPS to attend. Address will be sent privately to attendees.

See event on Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/Mystic-Willow-Coven/events/227319313/

TOSS - Temple Meeting - Saturday, June 25th at 6:00pm

Members will be getting together to discuss upcoming events, policies and planning for the future. Address will be sent privately to attendees.

Please be sure to watch our Meetup groups, Facebook pages and website calendars as more open events are planned.

If you would like to help support our efforts please consider chipping in through our Meetup Groups:

Temple Of the Standing Stones: http://templeofthestones.org/chip-in/


Mystic Willow Coven: https://secure.meetup.com/Mystic-Willow-Coven/contribute/
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