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Why I became a High Priestess by Arachne Crowsinger

I recently looked back and thought about what lead me to the place where I am now and I can definitely say that the Goddess has been pointing me this way  for a while now.

At 13 my friend introduced me to shielding; creating a magickal energy barrier around yourself or a place for protection.  I got really good at it. Why, because I felt safer because of it.

I had unusually experiences growing up, who hasn’t, and that only drove me to be more curious about the unexplained around me.  At 18, during a camping trip, the weird and unexplained made itself known in a way that couldn’t be ignored and I became more intrigued by the notion of magick, etc.  I started reading tarot cards.

At 24 or 25, I self initiated myself based on the instructions of D.J. Conway’s book, Celtic Magick.  That felt like a homecoming and performing magick became something I was seriously into.  I became aware of the things that others chose to ignore or dismiss.  Sensing good and bad things about me.

I was 32 when I met up with a group of woman and were started studying together.  There were these moments, a lot of them in fact, when it seemed that everyone was waiting for me to take lead and teach.  I wasn’t comfortable with that idea.   Who was I to teach anyone, I didn’t know squat.

Several years later, I started doing Esbats with a lovely coven in Houston, Texas for about 2 years before I moved up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  At that point, I was in love with the sense of community and the energy that gets raised with a group, even as small as 3 people.

I found another coven and started learning and getting my degrees and as I got closer to my 3rd and final degree, I took a long hard look at what I was doing and why.

For me, my spirituality and magick are my sanctuary and refuge when shit starts to go wrong in my life.  This connection is what has helped me through some really HARD times in my life and shown me my strength that I couldn’t see.  Then I looked around me and realized that not everyone had that connection that I had.  That the strength and love and power of it was lacking for people around me.   

I’m a fixer, I want to fix things and make life better, easier, and happier for those around me, but the one lesson I’d been learning in my years is that I can’t actually fix everything for people.  They have to do it themselves, but I could be a teacher/mentor/friend to those who truly wanted to find that connection and power in themselves.


My name is Arachne Crowsinger and I am the High Priestess of Mystic Willow Coven and I want to help you find your Power and Spirituality.  That’s my mission, my goal and I am so blessed that I get to watch and nurture amazing people on their magickal and spiritual journey, grow and flourish, and because of them, I grow and flourish as well.  That’s why I’m a High Priestess.


Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice by Thea Sabin

A book review by HPs Arachne Crowsinger

As an experienced witch it sometimes feels like every time you pick up a magick book, it’s a Wicca 101 book and it’s the same stuff that is in every other book.  But this little gem pleased me to no end.

Now, I was pleased by this book because I KNOW that a Wiccan/Witches/Pagan’s most powerful tool for creating magick is their mind and this book starts you off right!  Ms. Sabin starts with explanations of Wicca, and then moves onto some simple Wiccan Principles and Ethics.  She then focuses on the mental tools to being a witch, the fundamental tools: energy, visualization, grounding, and shielding and then moves onto trances, meditation, and path working.

After covering those mental basics and giving you a starting point for using that tool, Ms. Sabin moves onto the circle: a Wiccan’s sacred space, the 4 elements and the 4 quarters, and building a relationship with the Gods and Goddesses.  She then shifts into the tools and the Wiccan holidays and the Wheel of the Year before she introduces the notion of putting all that you’ve learned into use.

This explanation of the larger whole of ritual and magic serves new witches well, in that they are moving forward to actually doing magick as informed participants instead of ignorant ones.  I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories of somebody just doing a spell without really understanding it and then having all sorts of problems afterwards.

The last two chapters delve into magic and crafting your own spells and finally where to go after this book, and finally recommended reading.

I found this book to be entirely in line with what I believe a new witch/Wiccan should be learning from the start.  It’s not glamorous and provides instant gratification, but by golly, it makes for an informed and, if the skills recommended are cultivated, a powerful witch!

I know that this has made it onto my required reading list for my dedicates and initiates.


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