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The veil between the worlds from S.O.S. Samhain 2017
The veil between the worlds from S.O.S. Samhain 2017


Fly Free by Ta’li Seabhac

The Spirit is meant to fly free.
Freedom from any cage or chains.
The vessel holding us upon the Earth's surface is but a temporary shoe
Walking us around until we break away like a smoke ring.
We float away into the heavens where we dissipate in only a wild dream.
Speak kindly of a soft departure.
Mourn deeply yet quick.
The sick are alive and healthy.
The broken are whole once more.
The Sad are drowning in laughter
And the fathers watch over their brood like the Sun illuminates the sky.
Touch the rain one last fall.
Kiss the wind as you ride it home.
The stars will sing songs of eternal farewell.


The In Between Places - By Cianaodh Óg

Over the ages we human critters have made great advances in identifying, organizing and learning the workings of the world around us. Taking what was once considered in the realm of so called superstition and moving it into the categories we call the sciences. It is a good thing to know and understand how things work and to have a name for things. It gives us a certain degree of power and control over our world. It demystifies things. Let’s examine that word shall we? Demystify. It sounds a little like mist doesn’t it? When we remove the mists we see more clearly. But we have removed the mystery. Oh! Another word that sounds a bit misty! Could there be a connection? Perhaps so. A great many of the ancient tales in Celtic folklore speak of heroes or adversaries whose power is removed if one is able to speak their names. Could it be that once we have named something we have removed it’s power? I believe, to some degree, this may be so. The magick lies in the mystery. The magick is in those in between places where we can’t quite see, don’t fully understand. Mystery drives us on in our thirst for knowledge and we need to have both the mystery and the known. The known gives us structure to hold onto and support us while we venture out on the edges, into those in between places to learn more. Keep seeking the mysteries, keep exploring those in between places, keep pushing the edges. Because, sisters and brothers, that is where the magick is.

Coven Craft Book Report by Crystal Long

Coven Craft:


Witchcraft for Three or More


Amber K


I was reading this book for my second degree in the tradition. For me I liked the book it has a great overview of the craft. If your new or have some time in the craft it is a good read even if you just skim through it. In the beginning it covers how to find a good coven what and what not to look for when starting your path. The middle part is full of activities and events to do with a coven. It shows exactly the parts in running a coven in an overview, legal aspects. Great things for someone starting off with no experience would need to know. Which it in the back part of the book for a person that has more experience would want to look at. In closing it gives samples to different rituals which it amazing I love to see other ways to hold ritual. May you be blessed in your journey of the old ways and always look to the Gods and Goddess on that amazing journey




A few months ago, I felt like I could not cleanse my office enough. So I decided to come up with a protection bag to help keep my office free of other's left over energy.


With this bag, I ask the great Goddess of the Moon to help aid my day to day in protection, cleanings and love. I ask of the elements to aid me - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


I took a grey cloth stitched with runes, first Thurisa for protection and focus.  Algiz for Divine protection and Sowulo for strength and positive energy. I made it into a bag.


Earth to add Strength to my day. I add the stone, Aventurine, to shield my energy from other people. I also add Amethyst for protection.


Air to add Knowledge to the unseen truths. I add a penny for luck and frankincense for banishing and to increase my magick.


Fire to fuel my Passions.  I add a small candle to light my path when everything seems dark.


Water to gain Wisdom in the areas I lack. I added a vile of full moon water for clarity.


To this bag I also add cinnamon and sage to add extra protection and clarity. Basil and garlic for banishing. Salt with the scent of orange for purification and love.


Red string to tie it all together - A reminder to love myself.


Add all ingredients to bag and chant 3 times on a full moon.


“Symbol of the moon, symbol of the lady Divine, reject all negativity, defend this room, me and mine.”


Now hang bag above door, charge in the full moon light to recharge when needed.



Prayer & Blessing Requests

We occasionally receive requests throughout the month for prayers and blessings as members of our tribe and extended spiritual family struggle through the challenges of life as well as share in their triumphs and new journeys on their paths. Here, we ask that you add a candle to your altar or otherwise send energies to the following people who have requested prayers and blessings:

Cianaodh shares the following prayer in honor of those spirits who have recently departed.

Go your way to the land of the Ancestors,

where they wait for you with open arms,

there on the edge between this world and the next.

See; there they stand.

Ancestral spirits, welcome this one to the place where we all must go.

- Ceisiwr Serith


TOSS = Tribe Of the Standing Stones hosted events

MWC = Mystic Willow Coven hosted events

SOS = Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition events

TOSS - Full Moon Esbat – Saturday, December 2nd

Our apologies, but Esbats are open to Initiated Clergy, Spouses and Candidates ONLY as these are the times we do our personal magickal workings and hold temple business meetings. Temple Of the Standing Stones is a Skyclad group which means our esbat rituals are conducted Skyclad. If you are a visiting tradition clergy member from another group, please plan accordingly. If you are not sure what that means, please get in touch with us for an explanation as there are rules of etiquette involved. Please see our article detailing Skyclad Ritual Etiquette. All others, please feel free to attend our next open gathering.

SOS Yule - Alban Arthan Officiated By Tribe Of the Standing Stones – Saturday,  December 16th 5PM to 10PM at Arlington UU - 2001 California Lane, Arlington, TX 76015

This year Spirit Of the Sycamore tradition's Yule will be officiated by Tribe Of the Standing Stones. High Priest Cianaodh Óg has settled on a Druid style celebration inspired heavily from the style of Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Cianaodh Óg is a member of O.B.O.D. and has been studying the Bardic grade materials when time allows. We will be pushing peppermint and candy canes heavily in our decor and desserts for potluck this year so please consider that while thinking of what to bring. Also, we plan to do a 'White Elephant' gift exchange again this year with a $20 maximum value. Please bring a gift if you wish to participate in this annual tradition.

The following excerpt is a bit of background on Alban Arthan from the O.B.O.D. website at


In this darkest time of the year we celebrate the return of the Divine Child, the Mabon, the rebirth of the golden solstice Sun, who will bring warmth, light and life back to Earth again. The Wheel of the Year revolves beyond death and towards new light and new life.

In the Druidic tradition the name of this festival is "Alban Arthan", Welsh for "Light of Winter". According to an older and more poetic interpretation, the name is "Alban Arthuan", meaning "Light of Arthur". In this poetical image, Arthur is symbolized by the Sun. The Sun dies and is reborn, just as the mythical Arthur is sleeping deep inside a mountain and will wake up again when the people needs his help.

Directions: Coming from I-20: Take the Cooper Street exit and head north. Turn west at California Lane. The church is about one mile farther.

Coming from I-30: Take the Fielder Road exit, head south on Fielder for three miles and turn west at California Lane. The church is about a quarter mile farther.

That location again is 2001 California Ln. Arlington, TX 76015

What to Bring: Item for potluck, wrapped gift for exchange $20 maximum value (Optional)


Please RSVP and join us!








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