Sitting By The Fire

Welcome to the internet home of Tribe Of The Standing Stones. We are an Eclectic Pagan branch within Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition based in Arlington, Texas with an emphasis on Celtic / Indo-European and American studies. Our tribe embraces naturism, sustainability, music, storytelling and art as paths to spiritual connectedness and growth.

We meet predominately at our members’ homes in Arlington and other places in the DFW area as well as outings which we schedule sporadically throughout the year. For some events we go camping because most members of our tribe find their connection to spirit in natural surroundings. To learn more about what we do and what we are about, please contact us via our Facebook Page where we publish upcoming events and share things we find interesting or worthy of thought, discussion or even things to meditate on.

We are once again accepting new students in this branch for studies in Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition but we have a vetting process and need to meet you first to find out if we are a good fit. We are happy to meet new like minded people who wish to get to know us and perhaps share in some of our tribal gatherings and activities. Please contact us if you are seeking.