Do You Believe In God?

Most often, people who ask this question are doing so from the monotheistic mindset that there is only one God and that is the god of the Bible (one version or another) or another of the holy books of one of the Abrahamic family of religions. Our concept of the divine is different however. Some of us are polytheists, some are pantheists, some duo-theists and even some are atheists believe it or not.

Our approach to Paganism is such that we leave our individual members’ personal relationships with the divine up to them and explore many different concepts and aspects for deity in our practice, classes and rituals. Tribe of the Standing Stones believes that deity is a very personal matter. We strive to make our tribe inclusive to Pagans of all flavors, while encouraging the specialized relationship each member has with their own god, gods, and/or goddesses.

Some of us believe in the saying “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” –  Hermes Trismegistus. So, we look to nature and the universe when we seek answers to life’s great mysteries. There are certain patterns and interactions of energies that occur at every level throughout the universe. The macrocosm and the microcosm. In pondering these things we believe it is possible to grasp a better understanding of the nature of deity.

Now, because we are Pagans living in a modern day world, we adopt many of the ritual elements and god/goddess names and concepts into our practice that a great number of today’s Pagans are familiar with. Some of our tribe members may speak of the divine as ‘The Lord and Lady’, some may refer to them as ‘The gods’, some may use more encompassing terms such as ‘The Kindred’ (meaning gods, ancestors and nature spirits). That is all okay. Those are reflections of each individual’s perception of and relationship with the divine at this point on their spiritual journey.

Pondering these great mysteries of the divine and sharing our perceptions with one another is what makes getting together with other Pagans such a great thing to us. Your perception may be different from any that we are familiar with and among our members you may find a concept that you have not yet examined. We invite you to come share with us so that perhaps together we may all grow and learn.