Skyclad Ritual Etiquette

Skyclad ritual, as it is practiced at Tribe Of the Standing Stones, is a very personal, spiritual gathering among initiates and ones with close relationships or those seeking candidacy to initiate with the group. For this and other reasons we have some rules of etiquette which are expected to be adhered to by anyone attending such an invitation only event.

Skyclad ritual is not a spectator sport. We expect anyone who participates in a skyclad ritual to participate in the skyclad ritual. We circle in perfect love and perfect trust to feel the energies of our sisters and brothers as well as the kindred spirits around us. We find the interference of textiles blocks the flow of these energies and disrupts our workings. It is understood that during moon time some women may have a need to wear a sarong or other garment for the lower half and that is established as acceptable protocol. Also, our High Priestess will consider making exceptions due to medical conditions and other reasons on a case by case basis. But, this does not change the impact that said clothing articles brings into the energies of the circle so please do so sparingly. Also, making excuses, especially rather weak ones such as “I just didn’t feel like it.” are rude and unacceptable. Being untruthful about your status in medical conditions and such are not in accordance with coming into circle in perfect love and perfect trust so please, don’t be deceitful. If you are unable to circle freely and in perfect love and perfect trust then it is best if you opt out of entering circle. Please respect our sacred space and working.

No inappropriate touching. It is understood that in ritual there is often hugging and hand holding but there is never a time to touch anyone in an inappropriate manner without express permission beforehand. Ritual space is sacred space and while we are people who have familiarity with one another and often engage in hi-jinks and shenanigans before or after circle and maybe tell a joke or two in circle to lighten the mood; perfect love and perfect trust dictates that all who are present are treated with respect and do not feel violated, intimidated or belittled.

We do not speak of our workings or things revealed in skyclad circle. Again, sacred space and perfect trust. If it is spoken in circle it is not for the ears of those who are not present unless the speaker makes it so. Also, recall the rules of workings. “To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent.” Speaking of workings can lead to their failure. If your sister or brother speaks of personal matters in circle, it is not for you to discuss it with anyone outside of circle. Maintain the integrity of the circle.